About the program: A team’s success can be directly attributed to the team leader's ability to synchronize team members and help them move through predictable stages of development. Knowing and understanding the behaviors of effective leaders and the stages of team development helps organizations ensure success even in the most complex team situations.

This program takes an innovative and flexible approach to complex team issues through a powerful five-step approach. Participants gain tools and learn processes to synchronize team members faster and more successfully to encourage collaboration and better problem solving.

If service would be deliver as workshop, we will work together on team chartering. The most important success factors of high performing teams are alignment on a clear direction, a sense of why the team exists, and understanding how the team will work together. Creating a team charter serves as a map that gets a team off to a great start and keeps the team focused on the end result. In this case, program participants will use the chartering process to clarify their purpose and values, develop goals and strategies to accomplish tasks, and create a contract that captures their common understanding.
We will include assessment: TPA (Team Performance Assessment) (LINK DO STRANICE SA ASESMENTIMA)

Who Should Attend The Training: Leaders, internal coaches, and Human Resource professionals who have the responsibility for achieving business goals through more effective teamwork can benefit. Workshops should attend whole teams.

Participants Learn To:
o Learn the behaviors of effective leaders and members
o Embrace and practice accountability
o Improve productivity in current work teams
o Jump-start existing teams that are floundering
o Understand team dynamics, or the patterns of behavior that occur within a team, to ensure success

In The Workshop, Team Will:
• Build a solid foundation for team effectiveness
• Gain structure and direction for team focus and delivery
• Accomplish team’s purpose through documentation of agreements
• Create buy-in and commitment for the end goal
• Increase communication, trust, and attentiveness

Delivery options: This topic could be delivered as training (open or in-house) or as workshop/ team coaching. It is recommended that there is a follow up after the training in the form of coaching for individual or team. The biggest impact on a company is made by making a tailor made development project which would consist of detailed assessment of development needs, and followed by the monitoring and maintenance of the achieved effects carried out during and after the development process.