“After a year and half from the SL training, I can still say, as a participant and person who works in HR for 8 years, this is the best and most useful leadership training I have ever met.” – Ivana Canić, Nelt

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First Time Manager ׀ October 2017

To become First Time Manager is one of the most challenging and the biggest career changes. Blanchard Serbia together with H.art is organizing one day workshop „First Time Manger“ on October 9th 2017 in order to help first time managers overcome this challenge by teaching them the essential skills to get them off to a great start.
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Situational Leadership II (Experience) ׀ November 2017

Since there is so much interest for this training, H.art and Blanchard Serbia are organizing another two-day training „Situational Leadership II (Experience) on November 13th and 14th. Participants will learn about the famous Model and gain useful set of tools which will help them rule their business.
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